Monday 30 September 2019

Today’s Smart Professional MUST Be An Investor: The Amazing Benefits of Being In The Market

Gone are the days when only the most affluent invested in stocks. Salaried professionals and millennials now make smart investment decisions, without any peer pressure. 
These folks know that money is a tool to be utilized smartly to achieve the life that they want to enjoy in the future. 
In fact, salaried professionals, do not mind investing their income across a mix of different channels to earn big over time. They are not shy of taking the right amount of risk to increase
their savings exponentially. 
However, a significant portion of these professionals also shies away from investing in stocks. We will discuss their reasons later in this article, but first of all, let us turn to those, who invest
Do they succeed? 
They do if their investment decisions are based on careful research and an understanding of the market trends. For them, there are many benefits of investing in stocks

The Inherent Benefits of Investing 
A bigger return in lesser time
Unlike other forms of investment, stock investment provides every investor with a chance to increase their savings at a high rate over a short time.

Reduced Risks
The stock market in India is regulated by a framework called the Securities and Exchange Board of India, which safeguards the rights of the investors, thus reducing risks to a large extent. 

The stock investors in India enjoy high liquidity as they can get in as well as get out of any stocks and realize the proceeds very quickly.

India is known as a stock-pickers paradise with a variety of “investable” scrips in the NSE and the BSE. 
The investors can trade stocks on digital platforms, making it convenient for them to engage in investment activities regularly. 

Become a significant part of the nation’s growth
India is still developing at an increased pace, and you can be a part of this growth and also earn profits from that rapid growth.  

Feeling of ownership
Well to stretch it a little, when you trade in a company’s stock, you are holding a share of that particular company and being, in however small a part, its owner. That is quite a good feeling,
besides the fact that you regular dividends and bonuses. 
Why Should More Young Professionals Start Investing in Stocks?
The salaried as well as self-employed young professionals in India are earning enough to support themselves and their families, but when it comes to investing a share of their income
regularly, they are often ill-informed. But unlike the past, jobs do not guarantee a proper retirement lifestyle. It is up to the youth to plan their retirement early and build up their savings
for that period in life. That’s where investing in the stock market can play a key role.
The main advantage of starting to invest at an early age is you can build up your options. The biggest asset in stock investment is time. If you start investing early, you will have numerous
options to increase your savings exponentially. You can play the long game and stay invested through cyclical events and reap the rewards.
Also, millennials have a yearning for the entrepreneurial life. Investing in stocks can open up new opportunities for such ambitious folks to gather wealth in a shorter period of time and then spend
on building their start-up to change the world. They needn’t depend on anyone or even take heavy loans to begin an entrepreneurial journey. 
Young people should also invest in stocks to become an active contributor to the country’s economic growth. The more they invest in the stock market, the greater the notional capital
available to companies. This cushion helps them plan better for the long-term, create more jobs, and drive more prosperity. In other words, stock investors indirectly drive the nation’s growth
with their investments. 

What prevents young professionals from investing in the stock market?
Now that you know why more professionals should invest in the stock market, you should also know what prevent young people and professionals from investing in stocks. Some myths must be
That apart, here are some oft-repeated excuses that aren’t really valid when weighed against the benefits.
It is too early
At the beginning of their careers, the young professionals wish to enjoy the life that they have always imagined. They wish to spend their income on materialistic things that they have always
wanted to achieve for themselves. Unfortunately, smart investment takes a back seat until later, perhaps until too late.
I have other plans As a salaried professional, you may have different plans for your future, and investment may not be
your priority. That is fine, as long as you can generate that amount of wealth to support your
productive life as well as your retirement life. However, if you can’t, investing in stocks can be a lucrative option for you. 

Too many commitments
You may have to buy your own apartment, or a car, or even support your aging parents, your child’s education, and so many other commitments that you cannot possibly think of investing your
hard-earned money in stocks. However, you should realize that investing smartly will only help you meet these commitments and not take away from them. 

Investment planning is for the rich No, it isn’t! Today, a significant percentage of salaried professionals are taking stock investment
seriously. If it was only for the rich, would 25 million Indians dare to invest in stocks? 

It’s time to stop the excuses. For professionals who want their money to grow, it’s time to start learning more about the stock market and its investment avenues. It’s what the smart professional
would do.

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